Parker is a frequent visitor to the yard. His human, Isla (Ally's youngest) is an avid doggy person. Parker looks like Yoda from Star wars and is the best singer of all our doggy assistants. He loves the sound of the bagpipes (good Scottish dog) and always joins in. He also enjoys singing along to any harmonica music and is particularly partial to Adelle. Penelope was originally got to be Parkers lady friend (remember thunderbirds) but it turns out that Parker can't be doing with Lady Penelope after all. Hence Allan now looking after Penelope.

Poor old Parker suffered a serious back injury earlier on this year and is now in recovery after a big op. His back legs have not been working for some months and he needs to be helped around by Isla but he is definitely getting better and is just about standing on his own. Poor wee chap but much loved.