Ally is the head of operations at Pathhead (at least, he used to think he was). Born and bred in Kirrie, he has been working on Pathhead since he was four years old, picking berries with his Mum. His favourite thing about Kirriemuir is the fowk. It's his home and he couldn't think of a better place to live.

Ally loves plants of all kinds and has been in or around the horticultural world all his life. He has been incredibly lucky. He used to play volleyball and it's his favourite sport in the whole world. He stopped playing at 50 and misses it very much. Ally used to be into motor bikes and karate. He now aches from breaking too many bits when he was younger.

He adores cartoons, and collects comics and comic annuals. Everything from Rupert Bear, The Broons and Oor Wullie (Obviously) to Viz, Ogri and Robert Crumb. He has a wonderful collection of Giles and Andy Capp books in his bathroom.