Our new Website

Well folks, here's the designer of our slick new website. Meet Nova, ably helped by his human Benjamin. These guys have been staying in the Bothy at Pathhead for some time now with Benjamin's good lady, India, and are our good friends and drinking companions at our local pub (although they're lightweights).

Benjamin and India have been working on a new, up to the minute site for us (under the watchful eye of Nova) for the last couple of months and this is its maiden voyage. They are both really good at getting the ideas that we're trying to promote and turning those ideas into a reality on the page.

Benjamin hides in the background, doing strange incantations, painting ancient Runes on the roof, and burning black candles late into the night to produce this sorcery. At least, that's what India says he's doing: and I believe her. It's all black magic to me.

India does all the sorting out of information that has to be included to make the site interesting and workable. Watching these two work together on such an exciting project has been an absolute pleasure.

Nova makes sure that they come up for air every so often by demanding to be walked around the fields and given biscuits.